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My Flock Of Budgies!

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My Flock Of Budgies!

Post by Lexi on Thu Jul 12, 2012 7:13 pm

Who wouldn't be first?!?
Blu!Very Happy (YellowFace type 1)
He's the first budgie ever to steal my heart!Also one of the first four budgies.He tolerates me and doesn't want much to do with me but often gets jealous of ANYTHING that comes my way:p Nowadays he ignores me for his mate Tiger

Alex(Normal green)
One of my first four budgies.She is quite the character.Very flighty.

I found this little guy at the side of my cage one day.He loves to play and enjoys having company.

Liah(Opaline spangle)
My absolute favorite female!Very playful!She is a very pretty spangle who ENJOYS human interaction:)She loves when you make kissy sounds:p

Charly(some sort of greywing)
The quiet loving budgie who loves to be with his mate Lilah:)

She used to love to snuggle on my shoulder but sadly lost her tameness "somewhere in the woods"Sad

Winter(Dominant pied)
He is one of my lovely males!He is beginning to become really tame

Tiger(Clearflight pied)
Did I say territorial?Just give her something she loves and it belongs to her and HER only!Blu's mate.

Ollie(Grey green)
Alex's mate.He loves flirting with Alex.I mean ALL day.
Very sweet budgie(His beak is a bit overgrown,We are taking him to get it trimmed)

Snowball(Recessive pied)
:love: Curious,outgoing, name it!Like the male version to Liah!I love him!(Not saying I don't love the rest....)

Drako(Olive green)
Second hand budgie:( I took him in because I felt he needed a better home.He's a really sweet budgie

Gumball(Normal Green)
Found him in my backyard too....I'm currently taming him:)
He is defiantly a likeable budgie,Winter's friend

Angilo(Mutation Unknown)
Where do I start,Angilo just loves talking to cage bars....:giggle:He is also Skittlez' mate

Tame,tame,tame!He loves jumping on your hand to bite your finger tips:pHas a connection with Drako

One of the two birds I am birdsitting.I tamed him a bit and he loves hearing spongebob:p

Blueheart is being tamed and I'm liking his new self...Very Happy

Spot(Normal green)
Almost untameable! He loves to bite and even even you shake your hand he doesnt let go until a while! H e is one of the birds I'm bird-sitting,He can never be a favorite unless he changes......

Probably the most untame female I have.....

Sweet,yet untame..
I havent got any new photos of her,sorry:o(old picture)

Evergreen(Light green opaline)
My photos don't seem to be there anymore:(
Evergreen loves food and will do anything for it
Ocassionally takes naps on m,y hand:)
Old picture too

Sweet and sociable:)

My whole complete flock! Hope you like!Very Happy

This was copy and pasted from TB I'm getting a tiel 2 morrow so pictures available then! Wink

Oh and they are going to breed so that equals more budgies! Shocked

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Re: My Flock Of Budgies!

Post by Apollinerei on Thu Jul 12, 2012 7:16 pm

Yay! They are all so pretty. 'Specially Snowball Smile

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Re: My Flock Of Budgies!

Post by Maddy on Thu Jul 12, 2012 7:17 pm

I love your flock! They are so pretty!

Art is from the heart!
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Re: My Flock Of Budgies!

Post by Cinnyluver on Fri Jul 13, 2012 2:55 pm

Your birds are so pretty! I need to post mine...


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Re: My Flock Of Budgies!

Post by Tielferretfinch on Fri Jul 13, 2012 5:08 pm

Is it just my computer? it seems as though the pics are bigger then the page!! Shocked

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So..hatchies and eggs?
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Re: My Flock Of Budgies!

Post by Sponsored content

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